Provisional Poster Presentation List

Please note that this Poster Presentation list is provisional and may be subject to change.


Download a pdf of the poster list: Program – Posters at a glance

1. ITOPA AJAYI (confirmed)
Hippocampal modulation of respiratory motor output
2. VIDA ALIZAD (confirmed)
Timed Up and Go task after applying anodal-transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) in people with Parkinson’s disease? Preliminary results
3. STEPHEN BESTED (confirmed)
The influence of robotic guidance with variability of practice on the learning of a golf putting task
4. CLAIRE BOSWELL-RUYS (confirmed)
Respiratory muscle reflex control and dysphagia in incomplete tetraplegia
5. ANNIE BUTLER (confirmed)
The effect of active or passive grasp at different intensities on how we perceive our hands
6. EDEN DELAHUNTY (confirmed)
Cold-water immersion of a single limb increases motor cortex excitability for the opposite limb
7. JOANNA DIONG (confirmed)
Involuntary hamstring muscle activity reduces passive hip range of motion during the straight leg raise test
8. SIOBHAN DONGÉS (confirmed)
Paired corticospinal-motoneuronal stimulation does not improve maximal voluntary elbow flexion in people with incomplete cervical spinal cord injury
9. ARKIEV D’SOUZA (confirmed)
Measurement of intramuscular fat in the medial gastrocnemius of stroke patients
10. JUNYA EGUCHI (confirmed)
The topography of hypertrophy: how muscle architecture changes with strength training
Guidelines for the design of stepping interventions for falls prevention
12. ASHLEE HENDY (confirmed)
Investigating the effects of muscle contraction and conditioning stimulus-intensity on short-interval intracortical inhibition
13. MARTIN HÉROUX (confirmed)
Poor statistical reporting, inadequate data presentation and spin persist despite editorial advice
14. PHU HOANG (confirmed)
Safety and Feasibility of an Eccentric Exercise Intervention in People with Multiple Sclerosis with ankle contractures – A Case Series of five subjects
15. LEWIS INGRAM – Draft – (confirmed)
The upper limb physiological profile assessment (PPA): description and reliability
16. GARETH JONES (confirmed)
Estimates of gait initiation-onset in both stroke and healthy individuals during the sit-to-walk task
17. RACHEL KENNEDY (confirmed)
Can retrospective report of falls provide an accurate snapshot of falling compared to prospective reporting in children and adolescents with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease?
18. THOMAS KNELLWOLF (confirmed)
Changes in centre of pressure are encoded by muscle spindles supplying intrinsic muscle of the
foot in freely standing humans
Group III/IV muscle afferent feedback does not modulate intracortical excitability and inhibition following fatiguing exercise
The validity of inertial measurement units (IMU) in three-dimensional lower-body human gait analysis
21. VAUGHAN MACEFIELD (confirmed)
Disturbed proprioception at the knee but not the elbow in hereditary sensory & autonomic neuropathy type III
22. EUAN MCCAUGHEY (confirmed)
Optimal electrode position for Abdominal Functional Electrical Stimulation
23. DANIEL MCKEOWN (confirmed)
Severe acute hypoxia reduces motor unit firing rate during isometric contractions
24.  JASMINE MENANT (confirmed)
Balance in dizzy middle-aged and older people reporting unsteadiness: is it all in the head?
25.  YOSHIRO OKUBO (confirmed)
Motor learning processes in responding to increasingly unpredictable trips and slips in older adults
26. AMAL OSMAN (confirmed)
The upper airway is most collapsible during expiration in obstructive sleep apnoea
27. LUKE PERRATON (confirmed)
Quadriceps rate of force development following total knee replacement is associated with gait speed – low-cost clinically feasible methodology
28. MICHAEL PSARAKIS (confirmed)
Wearable technology reveals gait compensations, unstable walking patterns and fatigue in people with Multiple Sclerosis
29. HASSAN QURESHI (confirmed)
The hands are immediately perceived closer to body midline in the absence of vision
30. CASSANDRA RUSSELL (confirmed)
Effects of postural challenge on responses to cortical stimulation: a potential probe of extrapyramidal tract function?
31. SIMON SUMMERS (confirmed)
The relationship between motor cortex organisation and motor variability in the transition to sustained muscle pain
32. JACOB THORSTENSEN (confirmed)
Antagonism of the D2 dopamine receptor reduces voluntary muscle activation and enhances central fatigue in humans
33. GABRIEL TRAJANO (confirmed)
The effect of moderate-duration passive muscle stretching on persistent inward currents estimated through paired motor unit analysis
Assessment of individual muscle mechanical properties:  a systematic review