Programme 2021 Session A

Date Time Start Time End Session Title Speakers Affiliation
11/16/2021 07:55 AM 08:00 AM SESSION A:  Welcome and Opening
Remarks (Simon Gandevia, Chairperson)
Simon Gandevia NeuRA, Australia
11/16/2021 08:00 AM 08:30 AM Prevention of muscle impairment with ageing Andrea Maier National University of Singapore, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
11/16/2021 08:30 AM 08:45 AM Medial gastrocnemius muscle and tendon interaction during gait in
typically developing children and children with cerebral palsy
Lynn Bar-On Ghent University, Belgium
11/16/2021 08:45 AM 09:00 AM Clinical feasibility of a simple 3D-Ultrasound protocol for imaging the
m. gastrocnemius medialis
Louise Van Muijlwijk Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC
11/16/2021 09:00 AM 09:15 AM Rehabilitation of dizziness complaints with a 4-week virtual reality
Thomas Voswinkel Military Rehabilitation Center ‘Aardenburg’, The Netherlands
11/16/2021 09:15 AM 09:30 AM Associations of low-back pain and pain-related cognitions with lumbar
movement patterns during repetitive seated reaching
Meta Wildenbeest Department of Human Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; HU
University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Human Movement Studies, Utrecht
11/16/2021 09:30 AM 09:45 AM Clinical reasoning in physiotherapy assessment for people with
neurological disorders-limited evidence for essential domains-a mixed
systematic review
Jill Garner SA Health/ Flinders University
11/16/2021 09:45 AM 10:00 AM Comparison of proprioception and sensorimotor performance in the upper
and lower limbs in people with a congenital absence of functional muscle
Vaughan Macefield Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Australia
11/16/2021 10:00 AM 10:05 AM Closing remarks & announcements Simon Gandevia NeuRA, Australia