Programme 2021 Session C

Date Time Start Time End Session Title Speakers Affiliation
11/17/2021 12:55 AM 01:00 AM SESSION C: 
Welcome and Opening Remarks (Chairperson Janet Taylor)
Janet Taylor Edith Cowan University
11/17/2021 01:00 AM 01:15 AM Population prevalence of motor impairment Rob Herbert NeuRA, Australia
11/17/2021 01:15 AM 01:30 AM Assessment of dynamic stretch hyperreflexia during gait in children with
spastic cerebral palsy based on fascicle or musculotendon lengthening
Babette Mooijekind Amsterdam UMC
11/17/2021 01:30 AM 01:45 AM Local Divergence Exponent from Wearable Sensors Detect Subclinical
Dynamic Gait Instability in MS Clinic
Maya Panisset University of Melbourne
11/17/2021 01:45 AM 02:00 AM Altered neural control of gait and its association with pain and motor
impairment in adults with haemophilic arthropathy
Carlos Cruz Northwestern University
11/17/2021 02:00 AM 02:15 AM People with Multiple Sclerosis show evidence of suboptimal motor cortical
output during low-intensity contractions
Emily Brotherton Griffith University, Australia
11/17/2021 02:15 AM 02:30 AM Anti-muscarinic medication increases TMS-evoked silent period without
altering motor evoked potentials during muscle contractions
Lisa Dempsey Griffith University, Australia
11/17/2021 02:30 AM 02:45 AM Lower limb muscle strength contributions to walking stability in people
with Multiple Sclerosis
Jasmine Menant NeuRA, Australia
11/17/2021 02:45 AM 02:50 AM Closing remarks & announcements Janet Taylor Edith Cowan University