Programme 2021 Session D

DateTime StartTime EndSession TitleSpeakersAffiliation
11/17/202107:55 PM08:00 PMSESSION D:  Welcome and Opening Remarks (Annie Butler – Chairperson)Annie ButlerNeuRA, Australia
11/17/202108:00 PM08:15 PMEstimating maximal muscle electromyographic activity from the relationship between muscle activity and voluntary activationJoanna DiongThe University of Sydney, Australia
11/17/202108:15 PM08:30 PMEffects of age and surface instability on the control of the center of massMaud van den BogaartHasselt University (België) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Nederland)
11/17/202108:30 PM08:45 PMsmart±step: a 12-month randomised controlled trial of cognitive-only and cognitive-motor training for preventing falls in community-dwelling older peopleDaina SturnieksNeuRA, Australia
11/17/202108:45 PM09:00 PMElectrical stimulation of sensory nerve fibers augments walking endurance in middle-aged adultsJoey CarzoliUniversity of Colorado Boulder
11/17/202109:00 PM09:15 PMInspiratory muscle performance and anthropometric measures – novel assessments relating to pulmonary function in people with spinal cord injury: a pilot studyAnnie PalermoNeuRA, Australia
11/17/202109:15 PM09:30 PMFlexion synergy and laboratory-based methods for quantifying the post-stroke impairmentGrace BellingerNorthwestern University
11/17/202109:30 PM09:35 PMClosing remarks & announcementsAnnie ButlerNeuRA, Australia