Programme 2021 Session F

DateTime StartTime EndSession TitleSpeakersAffiliation
11/18/202107:55 PM08:00 PMSESSION F:  Welcome and Opening Remarks (Mirjam Pijnappels, Chairperson)Mirjam PijnappelsVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
11/18/202108:00 PM08:30 PMPhysical impairments as part of the Post Intensive Care SyndromeM Van der SchaafAmsterdam University Medical Center and the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam
11/18/202108:30 PM08:45 PMBrain neuroimmune and sensorimotor function in mechanism-based subgroups of individuals with lower back painMuath ShraimThe University of Queensland, Australia
11/18/202108:45 PM09:00 PMExamining exerted force in a music-cued finger tapping task: A multilevel approachMohammed MudarrisLeiden University, Netherlands
11/18/202109:00 PM09:15 PMPilot efficacy trial of electrical stimulation cycling exercise for advanced Multiple SclerosisChé FornusekSydney School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney
11/18/202109:15 PM09:30 PMAbobotulinumtoxinA-injection in spastic mice improves the gait function and the endurance capacity of the gastrocnemius medialis muscleCintia RivaresVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
11/18/202109:30 PM09:45 PMAcute hypoxia impairs recovery of voluntary muscle activation after sustained low-intensity contractionsDaniel McKeownMenzies Health Institute Queensland
11/18/202109:45 PM10:00 PMPhysiological and kinematic predictors of trip- and slip-induced falls in people with multiple sclerosisCarly ChaplinNeuRA, Australia
11/18/202110:00 PM10:05 PMClosing remarksSimon GandeviaNeuRA, Australia