Kristen Hollands

Kristen HollandsGait adaptability in stroke survivors – function, dysfunction and rehabilitation

Hollands, K
University of Salford (Manchester, UK)

The ability to alter walking to step over obstacles, turn and/or target a safe footfall location is key to safe independent mobility in the community. Yet the majority of community dwelling stroke survivors fall and the most falls are due to trips and slips while walking. This indicates many stroke survivors have difficulty adapting their walking pattern in response to the environment. This talk will consider: 1) possible control mechanisms for gait adaptability (how it is achieved in healthy young and older adults); 2) biomechanical, cognitive and sensorimotor causes of impairments in adaptability in stroke survivors, and 3) the development and evidence for efficacy of treatments designed to target the mechanisms of impairment to realize better functional and neurologic recovery.